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        Culture  |  Company Culture
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        Business philosophy: honesty, win-win sharing (Note: for the: timely pay taxes, foreign: a win-win with customers, internal: the investors and workers as a partnership, the company's right to benefit from the investment , operator, laborer three shared.)
        Enterprise Mission: system innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, product innovation
        Development policy: quality-based, market-oriented and customer satisfaction for the purpose of social service mission
        Entrepreneurial spirit: self-improvement, social commitment (Note: a man 'with people, people-oriented'; work 'dedication self for the benefit of society' values.)
        Management: people-oriented, high standards and strict requirements for excellence, meticulous
        Business objectives: to do first-class enterprises, a first-class brand

        Tel:022-59847613    Add:No.17, Shuangchen Middle Road, Economic and Technology Development Area, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District, Tianjin


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