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        Talent  |  Human Resources
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                Reford is propped up by a variety of talents side world, the value of profits from the staff work together to create funda. Therefore, we regard employees as the company's most valuable asset, willing to attract the world's best and most promising talents, andWe hope that every employee in the company has been a good development.
                Reford family live by the personality of individuals, we value, respect, convinced that the progress of individual employees and business development solidarity. Lee funda vitality stems from the creativity of employees, staff pursued, the company flourishing ; employee innovation, companies vitality remain. The company's development needs to be driven by forces of employees, companies need to provide personal development opportunities and development space. Therefore, so that companies and employees have been the best development is our pursuit.
        Tel:022-59847613    Add:No.17, Shuangchen Middle Road, Economic and Technology Development Area, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District, Tianjin


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