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             Tianjin Reford forged located in convenient, economically developed Beichen Economic Development Zone double Street Industrial Park, covering 40 acres, geographic location. China has grown to become the industry round forgings, square forgings and other products of large professional manufacturers, increasingly strong technical force, quality control and management level class, diverse product range and sales network throughout China and around the world.
             Tianjin Reford Steel Co., Ltd. supply special steel heavy forgings, and the production of steel forging bar (¢ 120 ~ 850), square steel (120 to 550). The maximum production of steel ingot 13T, mainly forged steel, carbon steel and other materials. Round annual production up to 60,000 tons of forging products are widely used, can supply the metallurgical, chemical, hydraulic, harbor, boats moving machinery, and other supporting industries. Lee Fonda people continuous technological innovation, forging facilities. The company has VD furnaces, forging equipment, and provide roughing, finishing, heat treatment and other follow-up services, manufacturing plant has excellent production equipment such as: 1600 tons quick forging hydraulic unit of a 5 tons / 8 tons of electro-hydraulic hammer unit set, 1 / 0.75 / 0.25 tons each two air hammer, 630 tons of hydraulic unit two-way squeeze 315 tons of 4 hydraulic leveling unit sets, 20 sets of various types of traffic, saw 10, more Taiwan furnace and other equipment, and is equipped with an electric heat treatment, physical and chemical room, measuring rooms, testing equipment. Forging professional qualifications of senior technical personnel more than 20.
             Reford forging has accumulated rich experience in forging long-term cooperation with 500 international and domestic enterprises, product quality and service our customers trust and recognition, the user is widely recognized as the forging of professional producers, the company has through ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, AAA credit rating. For three consecutive years was named "Bank trust business" and many customers around the world provide a solid foundation for the country to cooperate. Our products are exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Slovakia and other countries and regions. Our long-standing and well-known domestic and foreign enterprises have had good relations of cooperation.

        Tel:022-59847613    Add:No.17, Shuangchen Middle Road, Economic and Technology Development Area, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District, Tianjin


        ◎Tianjin Reford Steel Co., Ltd.