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             Tianjin Reford seamless located in the beautiful Bohai Sea - Tianjin Beichen Economic Development Zone, which is one of the country's largest steel distribution center, on the verge of two major ports of Tianjin Port and Huanghua Port. Shanghai, Shi Huang highway runs through the whole territory, 104 State Road, State Road 307 a cross-border railway connections, sea and road transport is very convenient.
              Founded in 2002 and put into operation, covering 20,000 square meters, of which plant area of ​​10,000 square meters, the building area of ​​1,000 square meters. Existing staff of 150 people, three distinguished senior management personnel 6, for the company's operations provide a good scientific and technical support. Obtain quality management system certification in 2009, and achieved the American Petroleum Institute API 5L product certification in 2012. Many domestic and foreign trade companies to supply API American Standard pipe.
              The company mainly produces equipment, and new export steel pipe finishing equipment in January this year, Rolling pressure trough, chamfering precision lathe, pipe laser cutting sewing machine. Airless type spray machine, can be completed independently of the production of steel, pressure tank, laser slotting, corrosion insulation. Export finishing packaging, API inspection, for miscellaneous things in Hong Kong, the export tax rebate and so the whole production and sales process.
              The company's main products are: low-pressure boiler seamless steel pipe, oil heat with water conservancy screen, transmission fluid with seamless steel tubes, seamless steel mining with Rolling grooves, chemical fertilizer equipment, seamless steel pipe, structural seamless steel pipe , anti-corrosion insulation seamless seven series. According to GB, ASTM, API 5L, DIN, JIS and other standards of seamless steel tubes. Products are sold nationwide in major cities and exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, where there are more than 20 countries the United States, South Korea, Russia, India, Iraq and so on. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, boiler manufacturing, oil pipelines, power plants, chemical, construction, water conservancy and other areas.
              Over the years, we have "excellent quality, competitive price, quality services," won the domestic and foreign user's trust and recognition in the industry established a good reputation and credibility.

        Tel:022-59847613    Add:No.17, Shuangchen Middle Road, Economic and Technology Development Area, Shuangjie Town, Beichen District, Tianjin


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